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Triton Financial Group

Pre-Professional Category

Academic Year
- The goal of the organization is to foster and nurture the undergraduate students who may have the passion for their future careers, but do not know the process and type of approaches and commitment they would need to make to get there. The foundation of our organization is to assist those students or peers with the proper guidance and resources to achieve their career goals by mentorship/training. In addition, the organization seeks to promote those students who may have not understood the process and time it takes to achieve their career goals. Also, we’re here to encourage the international students who in many cases do have to downgrade, give up their dreams of working in the states due to many political, social obstacles that they could chase their dreams with the right resources and instructions supported by our organization.


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Triton Financial Group Principal Members
Adam Olvera akolvera@ucsd.edu
DUKKI HONG duhong@ucsd.edu
BOGUK KIM bokim@ucsd.edu
HYUN LEE hyl062@ucsd.edu
Organization Constitution

CSI Advisor

Jenny Kressel 
Jenny Kressel
Student Org Advisor
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