UCSD Student Organizations (2020 - 2021)

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Student Organizations (2020 - 2021)
(APIAH) Asians & Pacific Islanders for the Arts and Humanities
Anime Club: Cal Animage Beta
Astrology Club at UCSD, The
B.O.S.S. - The Board of Out of State Students
Board Game Club
Bottom Dwellers Dive Club, The
Call of Cthulhu and Murder Mystery Game Club
Chancellor's Scholars Alliance
Club Golf at UCSD
Cognitive Science Student Association
College Diabetes Network at UCSD
Comicbook Club at UCSD
Cooking Hub
Ecology, Behavior and Evolution Club at UCSD
Figure Skating @ UCSD
First Generation Student Alliance
Fisherman's Club
Gender Minorities in Gaming at UCSD
Inter-College Residents Association (ICRA)
International Students Association
Investors Club, The
Korean Graduate Student Association (KGSA)
League of Tritons
Letters to Strangers at UCSD
Lettuce Club at UCSD
Marksmanship Club at UCSD
Multi-Identity Art Collective
Ocean Conservation Club (OLC) at UCSD
Open Dyalog @ UCSD
Origami Folders at UCSD
Parents and Caregivers
Queer Graduate Student Association
Quiz Bowl Club at UCSD
Raccoon Hub at UCSD
Role Playing Games Club
Star Wars Club at UCSD
Student Social Association
Student Veterans Organization
Surf Club
Tri-Alpha Fellowship Club
Triton Gaming
Triton Halo
Triton Rocket League
Triton Smash
Triton Splatoon
Triton Valorant
Triton WoW
Tritons Film Society
Tritons of Aether
Tritons Roll Out

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