UCSD Student Organizations (2022 - 2023)

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Student Organizations (2022 - 2023)
Alpine Club at UC San Diego
Animal Welfare Association
Anime & Manga Enthusiasts at UC San Diego
ASL Club
Badminton Club at UC San Diego
Big Brain Energy Club
Chancellor's Scholars Alliance
Cheese Club
Chess Club at UC San Diego
Chinese American Student Association
Chinese Students and Scholars Association
Climbing Team at UC San Diego
Closed Gym Volleyball Club
Club Golf at UC San Diego
Cooking Hub
Costco Club
Creative Writing Club
Deep Throttle Car Community @UC San Diego
Discord Server Initiative at UC San Diego, The
Figure Skating @ UC San Diego
First Generation Student Alliance
Gamma Gamma Driver Yugioh
Girl Gains at UC San Diego
GoSTEM@UC San Diego
Graduate Bioinformatics Council
Graduate Sports Program
Hailuo Mental Support (formerly CSMS)
Hawai'i Club
Hiking Group at UC San Diego
Inter-College Residents Association (ICRA)
Keyboard Club at UC San Diego
KOJOBS at UC San Diego
Korean American Student Association (KASA)
Korean Athletic Network (KAN)
Korean Graduate Student Association (KGSA)
League of Tritons
Magic TCG at UC San Diego
Majiang at UC San Diego
Marksmanship Club at UC San Diego
Marvel Club at UC San Diego
Mindfulness & Meditation at UC San Diego
Model United Nations at UC San Diego
Mood Psychology @UC San Diego
Multi-Identity Art Collective
NFL Club
Orienteering at UC San Diego
Origami Folders at UC San Diego
osu! At UC San Diego
Photography Club
Pickleball Club at UC San Diego
Psychedelic Club at UC San Diego
Queer Graduate Student Association
Quiz Bowl Club at UC San Diego
Rady Student Association
Rhythm Games at UC San Diego
Role Playing Games Club
Rubik's Cube Club
SandDiego Volleyball Club
Singapore Student Association
Social Network
Squash Club
Star Wars Club at UC San Diego
Strides Running Club
Sun God Soccer
Surf Club
Taiwanese Graduate Student Association
Tea Club @ UC San Diego
Triton Apex
Triton Auto Club
Triton Barbell
Triton Counterstrike
Triton Destiny
Triton Fighters
Triton Flex
Triton Foodie
Triton Gaming
Triton Melee
Triton Philosophy Society @ UC San Diego
Triton Photography Club
Triton Pokémon League
Triton Smash
Triton Spike
Triton Splatoon
Triton Tails - Furries at UC San Diego
Triton Trading Post @ UC San Diego
Tritons Film Society
Tritons Roll Out
Women and Minorities in Science
Women's Club Basketball @ UC San Diego
Wrestling and Brazilian Jiu-jitsu at UC San Diego
Yoga Club at UC San Diego

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Registered student organizations are independent entities, and are not official units of UC San Diego. Therefore, UC San Diego is not responsible for the acts or omissions of registered student organizations and/or any members/persons acting on behalf of those student organizations