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Education, or the lack thereof, stands as a root cause of several inequalities that afflict our society today. To tackle these issues, we plan on serving as extensions of communities through a combination of hard and soft service, such as assisting in school programs and urban beautification. By working with various community partners, we hope to gain a greater awareness and understanding on the structural and social issues of education, racial discrimination, and urban poverty in an effort to help develop our communities and empower youths everywhere. Side by Side supports year-long service learning experiences, each focusing on a unique set of social justice issues while performing strong, direct service. We hope that by building intimate and reciprocal relationships with the communities, nonprofits, and Individuals we work alongside, we can achieve a more socially just and equitable society.


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Sienna Martinez sam027@ucsd.edu
HARRY TRUONG hht010@ucsd.edu
ACHILLES KANARIS akanaris@ucsd.edu
Jennifer Huang jmh046@ucsd.edu
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Andy Hoffman 
Andy Hoffman

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