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Mustard Seed Project, The

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The Mustard Seed Project’s mission - guided by a “hand up, not hand out” philosophy - is to create a student model that connects unsheltered and low-income individuals to services and programs through outreach, research, and education.


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Mustard Seed Project, The Principal Members
Daniel Costandy dcostandy@ucsd.edu
NEEDHI SHARMA nes009@ucsd.edu
MARTIN ARCEO mkarceo@ucsd.edu
ALYSHA ALI aaa045@ucsd.edu
CARINE KOUMRIQIAN ckoumriqian@ucsd.edu
PALITTA SRIRAVICHIEN psriravichien@ucsd.edu
PEI-CHEN CHOO pchoo@ucsd.edu
Ringo Leung r9leung@ucsd.edu
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CSI Advisor

Andy Hoffman 
Andy Hoffman

To get involved and learn more about this student organization please contact the Principal Members above by email directly.

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