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Biology Education and Art for Science Innovation (BioEASI)

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The mission of BioEASI is to facilitate the interaction between scientists and the public through outreach, education, and the arts. BioEASI aims to increase public interest and support for basic scientific research and to enhance communication and creative-thinking skills of its graduate student members. BioEASI believes that by achieving these aims, we can help further scientific innovation, recruit the next generation of diverse young people into scientific careers, and increase scientific understanding among the general public.


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Biology Education and Art for Science Innovation (BioEASI) Principal Members
Anna Guzikowski arguzikowski@ucsd.edu
Nathan Jayne ndjayne@ucsd.edu
Zachary Warburg zwarburg@ucsd.edu
Laura Beebe lbeebe@ucsd.edu
Delaney Pagliuso dpagliuso@ucsd.edu
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Andy Hoffman 
Andy Hoffman

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