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Greeks Gone Green

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Greeks Gone Green is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the three G’s: Greek unity through community involvement; Global, regional and local environmental awareness; and Gateways to sustainability within UCSD. Greeks Gone Green promotes “green” thinking and solutions to not only Greek organizations but also to the greater UCSD community. Greeks Gone Green is a student-run organization comprised of Greek affiliated students dedicated to enhancing environmental awareness within the Greek community and helping this community to operate in ways that are environmentally responsible.


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Greeks Gone Green Principal Members
UDAY GOVINDSWAMY ugovindswamy@ucsd.edu
Mackenzie Saideman msaideman@ucsd.edu
Amber Fossier afossier@ucsd.edu
Samantha Noel sknoel@ucsd.edu
Hussein El Amin helamin@ucsd.edu
Janet Gleason jgleason@ucsd.edu
Anna Corey agcorey@ucsd.edu
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CSI Advisor

Andy Hoffman 
Andy Hoffman

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