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The Science Policy, Advocacy & Communication group (SciPAC) at UC San Diego is a group of predoctoral and postdoctoral scientists with the common vision of creating bridges between scientists, public and policy-making communities. Science not only informs us about the nature of our existence through innovative discovery, it directly impacts lives by informing the public policies that fuel health and economic growth. Science can only do this with the support of its community, creating a pressing need for communication between scientists, the public and policy makers. SciPAC aims to bridge these communities by advocating for science support, informing policy makers of the state of the scientific enterprise, and facilitating the understanding of science within the broad community.


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SciPAC at UCSD Principal Members
JESSICA HALEY jahaley@ucsd.edu
Regina Powers rmpowers@ucsd.edu
Caroline Sferrazza csferrazza@ucsd.edu
Nina Gao njgao@ucsd.edu
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CSI Advisor

Andy Hoffman 
Andy Hoffman

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