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Global Medical Training (GMT) is an international, non-profit, and humanitarian organization that provides free medical, dental, and veterinary services in developing communities in parts of Central America and Mexico. Students are given the unique chance to directly participate in “hands-on” diagnoses and treatments under the supervision of medical professionals. This is the reason why our motto is “LEARN BY DOING.” As a health-focused organization, our main purpose is to increase awareness of the lack of healthcare in third world countries by giving undergraduate students the chance to expand their understanding of life and medicine outside the United States. This is made possible by educating and exposing students to the prevalent global and medical issues that many underserved communities in developing countries face. Such issues include poverty, poor national health-care systems, and the various circumstances that contribute to and perpetuate a specific population’s situation. GMT also understands there are major health issues that reside right in our own community. It is this very reason why we also offer our students the opportunity to volunteer in various community service events including free health fairs servicing the underprivileged in the Los Angeles and surrounding counties. Altogether, GMT views student volunteers as a vital force for change. After all, they may be the next generation of health-care providers.


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Global Medical Training Principal Members
Amanda Lee acl065@ucsd.edu
Tiffany York Tang tyt004@ucsd.edu
MIKAEL FAKHOURY mefakhoury@ucsd.edu
Vivian Do v6do@ucsd.edu
Danielle Gelsinger dgelsinger@ucsd.edu
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Andy Hoffman 
Andy Hoffman

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