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Malaysians in America at UCSD

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The purpose of this cultural organization shall be to introduce Malaysian culture to all UCSD students as well as facilitate events for Malaysians students studying at UCSD; Facilitate events such as but not limited to: a. An organization aimed at encouraging conversation and bonding with new incoming Malaysian students and returning Malaysian students, b. Provide a sense of home for Malaysians studying abroad at UCSD, c. For Malaysian students who seek it, assistance with assimilation in American culture, d. Arrange events to introduce Malaysian culture and customs to other UCSD students (food, games, and traditional celebrations), e. Collaborate with other Malaysian Student Associations around the United States of America to form academic, social, and professional relationships; Malaysians in America (MIA) at UCSD is a non-profit student run cultural organization that will be financed through: a. Associated Students funding, b. External donations and charity, c. MIA fundraisers;


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Malaysians in America at UCSD Principal Members
ZHENG TANG zht014@ucsd.edu
LI TAN lyt003@ucsd.edu
WYE CHIN wmchin@ucsd.edu
Hue Ning Tong hnt006@ucsd.edu
Organization Constitution

CSI Advisor

Ann Hawthorne 
Ann Hawthorne
Associate Director, Student Organizations Advising and Events
To get involved and learn more about this student organization please contact the Principal Members above by email directly.

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