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The frontiers of healthcare are in the non-traditional healthcare professions, as well as the humanization of healthcare for the providers, not just the patients. That begins with the pre-med and pre-health education experience. Our organization seeks to explore non traditional paths to health care through programs put on by our SEARCH committee, and humanistic pre-health education through programs by our MED Talks committee. UCSD is known as for its strong emphasis in the sciences, and many students aim to pursue careers in the health sector. But there is more to health than getting an MD, PharmD, or DDS. There are dozens of other careers, our SEARCH committee is here to let you know about these other paths as well as the “standard” routes. We host a series of informational seminars, in which speakers from different careers in the healthcare world come to educate students about what they do, and how to pursue similar careers. For students pursuing MD, PharmD, and DDS degrees, we host informative sessions about current internship opportunities and certifications they can hold while still in college. For all undergraduates interested in healthcare, come and learn about the different degrees available, which schools offer them, and how a career in health may interest you. Furthermore, the purpose of our MedTalks committee is to provide students with information regarding ?stress and burnout prevention, as well as providing team building exercises in which pre-health students can have positive peer interactions.


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Health Care Frontiers Principal Members
KIMI TAIRA kgtaira@ucsd.edu
Sara Abumeri sabumeri@ucsd.edu
PRANAVI CHAMARTHI pchamarthi@ucsd.edu
Cassandra Wang cyw034@ucsd.edu
ELIZABETH BENNETTE ehbennette@ucsd.edu
MONA ROSHAN mroshan@ucsd.edu
Katherine Litwinski klitwinski@ucsd.edu
Xiangheng Chen xic276@ucsd.edu
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Jenny Kressel 
Jenny Kressel
Student Org Advisor
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