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Young Americans for Liberty (formerly known as College Libertarians)

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The mission of Young Americans for Liberty is to train, educate, and mobilize the youth towards a more free society. Our goal is to ensure that all students' rights are upheld, to educate everyone on the benefits of limited government and lower taxation, a free-market and capitalist society, and how a non-interventionist foreign policy is the way to go. We pride ourselves on preserving liberty and free speech, so all are welcome to join.


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Young Americans for Liberty (formerly known as College Libertarians) Principal Members
ARMAN OMMID aommid@ucsd.edu
ANTHONY GARCIA arg099@ucsd.edu
SOPHIA VILLEGAS s1villegas@ucsd.edu
JOHN PARK jyp066@ucsd.edu
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CSI Advisor

Jenny Kressel 
Jenny Kressel
Student Org Advisor
To get involved and learn more about this student organization please contact the Principal Members above by email directly.

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