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Initiative for Music Education and Mentorship (IMEM)

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IMEM reaches out to young, aspiring musicians to promote musicianship through tutoring for music performance and theory. We hope to foster musical appreciation in those who want exposure and do not have ready access to music resources, as well as enrich music programs in underserved populations. IMEM volunteers will work with these young musicians and provide mentorship to these students. Ultimately, we wish to strengthen the musical community and inspire more students to develop a stronger passion for music.


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Initiative for Music Education and Mentorship (IMEM) Principal Members
SAMUEL SHING sshing@ucsd.edu
JUSTIN CHEN jyc135@ucsd.edu
Della Syau dsyau@ucsd.edu
ALLISON TUNG altung@ucsd.edu
GIANCARLO CHIRIBAO gchiribao@ucsd.edu
ERIC NGUYEN ehnguyen@ucsd.edu
ANH DO atd025@ucsd.edu
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CSI Advisor

Andy Hoffman 
Andy Hoffman

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