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Fun Talk & Learn Chinese Student Association (TLCSA)

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Fun Talk & Learn Chinese Student Association is a student body helping UCSD students learn useful skills, form appropriate worldviews in order to live a meaningful life and be contributive to the society inside and outside the campus. Through workshops and seminars, students will be equipped with capabilities to analyze, to conclude, to present and to lead. Through connecting with local Chinese/Taiwanese people, students can obtain helps in dorm and off-campus living while attending UCSD. Students will learn to overcome the challenges from the cultural and language differences in order that they can focus on the academic works without much hindrance from daily life arrangement. Group activities will be organized primarily by the students in order for them to learn the skills for planning, execution and leadership. Besides successfully academic learning, students can gain the spiritual understanding and find good mentors who can help them using their native languages. Students will also be given training on career development such as writing resumes, conducting successful on-site job interviews, and learning to work with others. Students are encourage to evaluate their world views in order to live with impact! The goals are that the participants will be able to obtain : 1. Communication and presentation skills both verbally and in writing 2. Innovative view on spiritual and religious issues 3. Understanding of the global affairs based on facts. 4. Connections with local Chinese/Taiwanese people and students 5. Leadership through organizing activities 6. Career development skills 7. Enthusiasm for life that leads to contributions to the community


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Fun Talk & Learn Chinese Student Association (TLCSA) Principal Members
YU LIU yul941@ucsd.edu
LEI CAI lec045@ucsd.edu
YUTING LIU yul938@ucsd.edu
DIYUAN XUE d9xue@ucsd.edu
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Ann Hawthorne 
Ann Hawthorne
Associate Director, Student Organizations Advising and Events
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