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Tritons for Gender Equity

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Tritons for Gender Equity will promote issues related to relationships, consent, violence, and gender equity. The goals of this organization are to (1) create a safe space to discuss issues surrounding healthy relationships, consent, and sexual violence; (2) facilitate a diverse and inclusive community that includes underserved or overlooked groups; (3) provide educational workshops, promote learning, and personal and professional growth opportunities for those interested in topics related to relationships, sexuality, and gender equality; and (4) participate in the Signature Project of the UC-wide Women’s Health, Gender and Empowerment COE that focuses on sexual assault and dating violence. Members will benefit from this organization through gained knowledge on sexual assault and violence in that the member will have the tools to share information or resources with their networks. They will benefit from growing their network of students and faculty from a variety of backgrounds and experiences, as well as having exposure to personal and professional development opportunities. Additionally, members will have chances for outreach and volunteer opportunities at UCSD and within the San Diego community. As an academic student organization, Tritons for Gender Equity is centered within the Center for Gender Equity and Health under the Division of Global Health.


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Tritons for Gender Equity Principal Members
MICHELLE GREGORIO mgregorio@ucsd.edu
SHARADA SARAF s1saraf@ucsd.edu
Brittnie Bloom bebloom@ucsd.edu
Amanda Miller apmiller@ucsd.edu
ELIANA KONTOKANIS ekontokanis@ucsd.edu
Julie Yip jlyip@ucsd.edu
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CSI Advisor

Kristen  Berg 
Kristen Berg
Student Org Advisor & Vendor Fair Promotions
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