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The Data Science Student Society at UCSD is an interdisciplinary academic organization designed to immerse the community in the diverse and growing facets of Data Science: Machine Learning, Computational Statistics, Data Mining, Visualization, Predictive Analytics, and any new emerging relevant fields of study. With practical hands-on data projects, a professional portfolio-building approach, and fun outreach activities, the Data Science Student Society at UCSD strives to enrich the academic life of the student community by strengthening them for success in their current and future pursuits of Data Science related fields.


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Data Science Student Society at UCSD Principal Members
SAMARTH AGGARWAL s2aggarwal@ucsd.edu
Lakshmi Menon lmenon@ucsd.edu
Simran Bhatia sibhatia@ucsd.edu
Yaobang Deng yad025@ucsd.edu
Huda Ahmed h8ahmed@ucsd.edu
Byungheon Jeong pur-b1jeong@ucsd.edu
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Student Information Not Displayed!
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Kristen  Berg 
Kristen Berg
Student Org Advisor & Vendor Fair Promotions
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