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PERIOD. at UCSD is one of the many chapters of PERIOD., a national youth-led non-profit organization that strives to break down the stigma of menstruation while providing menstrual hygiene products to those in need. PERIOD. at UCSD aims to help lead PERIOD.’s “Menstrual Movement” by advocating for equal access to menstrual hygiene products, educating others about this cause, and participating in service events. By hosting fundraisers to raise money for purchasing menstrual products, and by conducting donation drives, PERIOD. at UCSD will acquire the resources needed to create menstrual hygiene product care packages. All proceeds will then be donated to local San Diego recipient organizations that support homeless individuals in need of these packages. PERIOD. at UCSD also plans to incorporate educational components regarding the disparity in people’s access to menstrual hygiene products during General Body Meetings (GBM’s) and tabling events. Furthermore, PERIOD. at UCSD strives to make the discussion around menstruation a more comfortable topic, regardless of a person’s identity. PERIOD. at UCSD believes that access to menstrual hygiene products should be a basic human right, and not a luxury or a privilege.


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PERIOD. at UCSD Principal Members
Liliana Rodriguez lir022@ucsd.edu
JAIMIE FIGUEROA jkfigueroa@ucsd.edu
Lily Nguyen lin025@ucsd.edu
Noor Alomar noalomar@ucsd.edu
Patricia Galicia Carmona pagaliciacarmona@ucsd.edu
Bianca Kermani brkermani@ucsd.edu
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Andy Hoffman 
Andy Hoffman

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