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The International Health Collective (or IHC) is a UCSD student-run, non-profit, organization that establishes a temporary free clinic in communities that need medical help around the world in addition to creating other projects to advance their health. Our first and primary goal is to assist underprivileged communities with services and free medical care, as well as providing medicine, and health education to improve the prevalent illnesses seen in underdeveloped communities. Our secondary goal at IHC is to provide undergraduate students with the resources necessary to pursue their interests in health care and beyond. Our experiences include first-hand work in a public medical setting by personally assisting medical professionals as well as community focused project development. They also include seminars in which medical professionals of all specialties speak on personal experiences encountered in their field to help attendees choose which specialty to work toward. The International Health Collective’s largest project is a clinic that serves the communities surrounding a temporary site in Tijuana, Mexico, which functions during three Saturdays per school quarter. IHC strives to diagnose, supply medication, and provide health education to members of the Tijuana community with free doctor consultation, pharmacy care, and seminars. To provide these efficiently and effectively, IHC utilizes passionate, interdisciplinary, staff members in addition to comprehensive medical record systems, and an efficient clinic layout.


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International Health Collective Principal Members
ALYSON EZAKI atezaki@ucsd.edu
Ashley Du awdu@ucsd.edu
JAVIER FLORES jaf032@ucsd.edu
LUCAS OCCHINO locchino@ucsd.edu
Rebecca Chan rchan@ucsd.edu
Anh Vo avvo@ucsd.edu
Joan Miquel Valls Cuevas jvallscuevas@ucsd.edu
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Jenny Kressel 
Jenny Kressel
Student Org Advisor
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