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The Persian Association for Rendering Science and Art (PARSA) at UCSD is a non-profit organization and independent of any political or religious beliefs. Activities of PARSA includes following purposes: I. Increase the general public awareness regarding Persian Art and Science II. Promote the Iranian/Iranian-American young and senior scientists and artists III. Bring Iranian/Iranian-American Scientist and Artist on-campus towards fostering young talents and show casing for general awareness.


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PARSA Principal Members
LADAN NAZARI lnazari@ucsd.edu
Maryam Ranjbarzadeh Ii mranjbarzadeh@ucsd.edu
KOOROSH ASKARI koaskari@ucsd.edu
SEYEDEH SHARIATIPOUR snshariatipour@ucsd.edu
DELARAM MOJTABAVI NAEINI demojtabavinaeini@ucsd.edu
MONA MOTAGHIAN mmotaghian@ucsd.edu
Raana Rowshan rrowshan@ucsd.edu
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Ann Hawthorne 
Ann Hawthorne

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