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Hermanos Unidos de UCSD

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Hermanos Unidos de UC San Diego will strive to create a welcoming and empowering brotherhood or “hermandad” amongst its members. Hermanos Unidos de UC San Diego will strive to attain this goal by embracing the three foundational pillars, which are stated in the Hermanos Unidos Constitution. “The three foundational pillars of Hermanos Unidos are Academic Scholarship, Community Service, and Social Networking. Academic Scholarship reflects the primary reason why an Hermano attends an institution of higher learning: to receive a quality education. Community Service represents an Hermano’s commitment to community involvement. Social Networking will seek to make the transition from high school/ community college to undergraduate life less traumatic and more meaningful for incoming Hermanos. Fulfilling the three pillars leads to the development of partnerships and alliances necessary for successfully accomplishing the mission of Hermanos Unidos. Thus, all three pillars should be approached with equal amount of concern, time, and intensity” -HU Constitution.


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Hermanos Unidos de UCSD Principal Members
Richard Gutierrez rdg002@ucsd.edu
Julian Pineda jipineda@ucsd.edu
GUSTAVO MARTIN gum006@ucsd.edu
RICARDO GONZALEZ rig025@ucsd.edu
ARMANDO GUERRERO ajguerrero@ucsd.edu
Isaiah Gonzales iag004@ucsd.edu
Organization Constitution

CSI Advisor

Ann Hawthorne 
Ann Hawthorne
Associate Director, Student Organizations Advising and Events
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