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Fronteras Saludables (Healthier Borders)

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Statement of purpose: Fronteras Saludables (Healthier Borders) is a non profit student organization with three primary areas of focus: • Fronteras Saludables (Healthier Borders) will spread the word about health issues in Tijuana. Tijuana is facing several public health crises, including an HIV epidemic, elevated rates of drug addiction (compared to the national average), issues associated with a large homeless population, and an influx of Haitian refugees. These crises have been driven in part by US deportation and immigration policies, lack of local resources, police brutality, and a refusal to deal with these issues by the city government. • Fronteras Saludables (Healthier Borders) will support the efforts of the HFiT free clinic through fundraising for medical supplies, medications, and other equipment. Health Frontiers in Tijuana (HFiT) is a student-run free clinic established in Tijuana, Mexico. HFiT was founded as a partnership between UCSD's School of Medicine and Tijuana’s Autonomous University of Baja California School of Medicine (UABC), the only publicly funded medical school in Tijuana, in 2011. Since then, HFiT continues to serve vulnerable populations, including substance users, sex workers, the homeless, deportees, and indigent patients. • Fronteras Saludables (Healthier Borders) will inform UCSD undergraduates about opportunities to get involved through the HFIT internship program and other supporting roles. Current HFIT interns who want to be part of the student organization will share their experiences with new members. Motivated students who want to join the internship program (HFiT-UIP) and/or want to provide assistance outside of the clinic will be given information on how to apply and how to take leadership roles in fundraising and public health efforts.


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Fronteras Saludables (Healthier Borders) Principal Members
Elle Manzano epmanzano@ucsd.edu
Kelly Nguyen knn001@ucsd.edu
Joshua Holguin jholguin@ucsd.edu
Julia Derunes jderunes@ucsd.edu
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Kaylee Howard 
Kaylee Howard
Student Organizations Advisor & Program Manager
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