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Children have limited legal status in the United States. This reality is incredibly daunting for those who are tragically thrust into the foster care system. With no options and limited resources, these children become beholden to the will of the state and to their foster parents. A Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) serves as a layer of protection for these children. CASAs are appointed by the court to regularly meet with a foster child and report back as to their well-being. CASAs are responsible for ensuring that the child’s needs are met and that their wishes are heard before the court. San Diego County has 1400 children who are in need of such representation. CASAs for children seeks to provide volunteers to help meet that need, especially in regards to children for whom English is not their primary language. CASAs for Children seeks to advocate for all children in the foster care system. Yet, the primary goal of the organization is to recruit CASAs and advocate for fostering children-centric legislation and policies within our local municipality.


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Reagan Hall r1hall@ucsd.edu
Sophia Barber sibarber@ucsd.edu
Marjorie Pradhan m1pradhan@ucsd.edu
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Kaylee Howard 
Kaylee Howard
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