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Chinese Engineering Society

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The main purpose of Chinese Engineering Society (CES) at UCSD is to promote academic excellence and entrepreneurship among researchers and students in Chinese ethnicity. We aim to help maintain the diverse, inspirational environment in UCSD by providing opportunities in career network, professional development and academic communications, and furthermore encouraging the society members to contribute to the greater community through innovative ideas and projects.


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Chinese Engineering Society Principal Members
Manshi Yang may003@ucsd.edu
Chi Zhang c8zhang@ucsd.edu
Zibin Gao zigao@ucsd.edu
Yucheng Huang yuh032@ucsd.edu
Xun Liu xul007@ucsd.edu
Organization Constitution

CSI Advisor

Mariaisabel Blancarte 
Mariaisabel Blancarte
Interim Student Organization Advisor
To get involved and learn more about this student organization please contact the Principal Members above by email directly.

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