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Triton Aviation

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To provide a community for aviation enthusiasts to learn how to fly and to meet like-minded individuals who share the same passion. We want to create an opportunity for people interesting in becoming pilots free ground school. Ground school will teach them the fundamentals of becoming a private pilot and prepare them to take the private pilot written exam. The written exam is one of many steps to becoming a pilot. In addition to the ground school program, we want to grow a community of aviation enthusiasts who can share their knowledge and interest in aviation-related topics and events.


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Triton Aviation Principal Members
Spencer Daily s1daily@ucsd.edu
Lana Tremmel ltremmel@ucsd.edu
Jackson Ludtke jludtke@ucsd.edu
Kennith Pecore kpecore@ucsd.edu
Fiona Ainsworth fainsworth@ucsd.edu
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Mariaisabel Blancarte 
Mariaisabel Blancarte
Interim Student Organization Advisor
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