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Music, Meditation and Mindfulness (M3) @ UC San Diego

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M3 @ UC San Diego provides a safe and non-judgmental space of like minded students who value the importance of intentional living, mindful co-existence and collective discussion. M3 @ UC San Diego provides ways and means to engage students in community service and environmental sustainability to experience real world meaning and simple living. It provides access to knowledgeable practitioners of music, meditation, mindfulness, vegan/vegetarian cooking, Hatha Yoga and Bhakti Yoga through the medium of wisdom sessions, live demonstrations and nature retreats! Through programs, M3 @ UC San Diego provides access to a support system of mentors and practical techniques to help students better handle stress, develop purposeful relationships, cultivate good personality traits and become leaders for tomorrow.


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Music, Meditation and Mindfulness (M3) @ UC San Diego Principal Members
Vishal Vinod vvinod@ucsd.edu
Yash Solanki ysolanki@ucsd.edu
Vinod Ramakrishnan v2ramakr@ucsd.edu
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Kaylee Howard 
Kaylee Howard
Student Organizations Advisor & Program Manager
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