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We're Acts 2 Fellowship (A2F), an on-campus Christian group at UCSD! We often meet together to study the Bible, hang out, eat good food, go on fun trips, and just "do life" together. College is the perfect time to build lifelong friendships and ask the big questions of life like "What's the purpose of life?" or "Does God really exist?" So whether you're a Christian who wants to grow in your faith, or just curious about Christianity, we invite you to check us out!


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Acts 2 Fellowship Principal Members
Isaac Chon ischon@ucsd.edu
Jonathan Koby Cayaban jkcayaban@ucsd.edu
Eliana Rodriguez Herrera e7rodriguezherrera@ucsd.edu
Nayeli Lopez-Rivera nlopezri@ucsd.edu
TJ Haas tjhaas@ucsd.edu
CLAIRE WELLENKAMP cwellenk@ucsd.edu
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Elena Contreras Chavez 
Elena Contreras Chavez

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