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Psi Chi is the International Honors Society of Psychology whose mission is to provide students opportunities for leadership, scholarship, community service, and research. The UC San Diego chapter supports these opportunities by allowing students to form and join committees of interest as well as having a panel of officers who consistently present opportunities for professional growth. Being a registered member of the organization means a student has lifelong access psychology fellowships, scholarships, a career database, submission access to a peer-reviewed academic journal, and opportunities to present at the annual WPA and APA conferences. While Psi Chi has criteria for joining including a minimum GPA, amount of completed psychology courses, and a major or minor of psychology being a requirement, the UC San Diego chapter welcomes all students. Students who do not meet these minimum requirements (including new transfer students) are welcome to join the chapter by being Psychology Club members. At meetings both Psi Chi and Psychology Club members work together using Robert’s Rules of Order to vote on the direction of the chapter for the academic year. Students will be able to participate in experiences that can aid them in becoming stronger applicants for graduate school, attend workshops, view guest speakers, gain leadership skills, and help people in need within the San Diego community through service projects.


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Psi Chi/Psychology Club Principal Members
Michael Lin mcl005@ucsd.edu
Rob Santiago r1santiago@ucsd.edu
Iris Huang irhuang@ucsd.edu
Amber O'Brien anobrien@ucsd.edu
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Elena Contreras Chavez 
Elena Contreras Chavez

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