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One for the World at UC San Diego

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The purpose of this student organization is to change charitable giving to end extreme poverty. We seek to accomplish this mission by educating students and young professionals about effective giving and motivating them to channel their donations to organizations that will have the greatest impact. By educating students on the meaning behind effective altruism and explaining how to help out in a way where one's time and effort have the largest impact, our goal is to help those in need one small contribution at a time. Ultimately, we hope to expose students to the concept of effective altruism through educational programming and social events, thereby creating a culture of giving on campus


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One for the World at UC San Diego Principal Members
Kristopher Chen krchen@ucsd.edu
Alvin Nguyen awn001@ucsd.edu
Mihir Dixit midixit@ucsd.edu
Hsi Chen hsc012@ucsd.edu
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Kaylee Howard 
Kaylee Howard
Student Organizations Advisor & Program Manager
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