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Society of Automotive Engineers

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To equip up and coming engineers and entrepreneurs with fundamental skills in: design, design for manufacture, data acquisition, cost reduction, cost-benefit analysis, project management, technical writing, marketing, and communication through the lens of building a formula style race car. The FSAE competition itself involves the design and development of a proposed prototype formula style race car that is then taken to one or more of the nine international events hosted by SAE International to be raced against universities from around the world. The multi-faceted competition is composed of static and dynamic events and truly challenges students to meet the grueling demands of the project overall.


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Society of Automotive Engineers Principal Members
William Hulett whulett@ucsd.edu
Samuel Green slgreen@ucsd.edu
Anusha Rao a5rao@ucsd.edu
Landon Davis ltdavis@ucsd.edu
Scott Miller sam005@ucsd.edu
Joseph Pallan jpallan@ucsd.edu
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Elena Contreras Chavez 
Elena Contreras Chavez

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