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Sitaare is UCSD's premier South Asian fusion A Cappella team. Since our inception in 2006, Sitaare has taken pride in its diverse vocal talent, continuing to explore ways to showcase variety and creativity in our repertoire. We enjoy performing various genres of both Indian and Western music, from Bollywood and Indian classical, to R&B and pop. In addition to competing in the Desi A Cappella circuit in prestigious competitions at Berkeley, Los Angeles, Dallas, Boston, etc and the national All American Awaaz championship in Chicago, as well as UCSD’s annual cultural events, Sitaare has also had the opportunity to perform at community events, weddings, and corporate events in San Diego, the Bay Area, and beyond. Sitaare always looks to push the boundaries of Desi a cappella, and reach for the stars!


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Sitaare Principal Members
Yijie Luo yil100@ucsd.edu
Aparna Alluri aalluri@ucsd.edu
Reyna Abhyankar vabhyankar@ucsd.edu
Saranya Rajagopalan sarajagopalan@ucsd.edu
Yalini Thillaikumaran ythillaikumaran@ucsd.edu
Saarang Vinodh svinodh@ucsd.edu
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Kristen  Berg 
Kristen Berg
Student Organizations Advisor and Program Manager
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