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Students for the Exploration and Development of Space

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SEDS at UC San Diego is a multi-disciplinary group, motivated to advance the new space movement. Our goal is to make space exploration and rocketry accessible to all students. We are united by the thought that the next logical step in human civilization is not only to explore, but also to evolve into a space-faring civilization. Guided by our passion and perspectives on the importance of space development, our organization pushes the boundaries on what is deemed possible. We have already made several waves in the aerospace field: we were the first student group to design and 3D-print a rocket engine (Tri-D) and the first undergraduate group to launch a rocket with a 3D-printed engine (Vulcan). In designing, building, testing, and executing projects to advance space technology, SEDS at UC San Diego firmly believes we must continually keep progressing to achieve the eventual colonization of space.


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Instagram: @seds_ucsd (preferred), Facebook: @sedsucsd, Linkedin: /seds-ucsd, Youtube: /SEDSUCSD
Students for the Exploration and Development of Space Principal Members
Jonathan Van Hyning jvanhyning@ucsd.edu
Darell Chua Yun Da dchuayunda@ucsd.edu
Rebecca Wong rnwong@ucsd.edu
Katelyn Okano kokano@ucsd.edu
Setekh Karaismailoglu nkaraism@ucsd.edu
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CSI Advisor

Mariaisabel Blancarte 
Mariaisabel Blancarte
Interim Student Organization Advisor
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