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OTTA United @ UC San Diego

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Simply put, we strive to empower youth. When we are successful in encouraging youth to get involved, the entire community benefits. According to our research, youth engagement within decision-making creates more effective representation, fosters pluralistic leadership, and strengthens democratic institutions. Socially, youth experience greater self-awareness, positive identity development and social bonding, and a sense of purpose. It’s a win-win for everyone! Our general strategy is to build youth power in areas predominantly occupied by adults to benefit young people and the community as a whole. We seek innovative and effective ways to create new pathways in sociopolitical systems that increase the influence wielded by the next generation of leaders and citizens, emphasizing issues that disproportionately affect young people.


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OTTA United @ UC San Diego Principal Members
Aidan Lin-Tostado ayl004@ucsd.edu
Leana Cortez lmcortez@ucsd.edu
Nicole Lillie nlillie@ucsd.edu
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Kaylee Howard 
Kaylee Howard
Student Organizations Advisor & Program Manager
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