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The Taiwanese American Students Association (TASA) at the University of California – San Diego is an organization that provides a sense of community for Taiwanese Americans, as well as those interested in the Taiwanese culture. We create a sense of unity not only within the Taiwanese community here in San Diego but also with students at other universities. Our organization promotes cultural awareness by building a community of motivated and dedicated students through our social, cultural, and service activities that take place throughout the year. The Taiwanese-American identity is a vastly varied one and at times a divisive issue. Moreover, there is political and cultural apathy among much Taiwanese, and under-representation in our communities. Yet, from those who barely identify themselves as Taiwanese, to those who feel passionately about Taiwanese culture, they are all still unified under a common background. Those with the Taiwanese-American identity have the potential to develop into a tight-knit community and strong leaders with a unified voice in this nation.


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Taiwanese American Student Association Principal Members
Yvonne Yu yvyu@ucsd.edu
Katrina Chou kechou@ucsd.edu
Cady Ruo cruo@ucsd.edu
Iris Chen irchen@ucsd.edu
Esther Chiang achiang@ucsd.edu
Laurel Wu lawu@ucsd.edu
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Elena Contreras Chavez 
Elena Contreras Chavez

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