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Project RISHI at UC San Diego aims to promote sustainable development and growth of rural Indian communities. In partnership with local community members and social enterprises, we identify issues central to our target community and provide resources to implement solutions through extensive field research and on-campus initiatives. In our international efforts, we brainstorm new, innovative, creative ideas to tackle issues in our adopted village. What may be commonplace in America can not be handled the same way in a developing country. We are seeking devoted individuals who can think outside the box. Help us make a difference in the lives of underprivileged communities.


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Project RISHI Principal Members
Megha Aepala maepala@ucsd.edu
Harini Adivikolanu hadivikolanu@ucsd.edu
Insiyah Merchant imerchant@ucsd.edu
Nikitha Kalahasti nkalahasti@ucsd.edu
Sneha Subhash Menon ssubhashmenon@ucsd.edu
Rohini Bulusu rsbulusu@ucsd.edu
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Kaylee Howard 
Kaylee Howard
Student Organizations Advisor & Program Manager
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