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Cards for Courage at UCSD

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At Cards for Courage, our mission is to support patients and health workers with artistic expressions and uplifting words from their communities. By encouraging genuine human connections, we hope to show patients that they are important and cherished, while transforming healthcare into a more compassionate environment for everyone. We believe in the power of emotional support to touch and better lives and take immense pride in the work of our volunteers, who are sowing seeds of empathy around the world.


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Cards for Courage at UCSD Principal Members
ANA GAHNG agahng@ucsd.edu
CELINE YANG cey002@ucsd.edu
DAMARIS LOZANO dlozano@ucsd.edu
YUAN YU yjyu@ucsd.edu
CLAUDIA VEGA clvega@ucsd.edu
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CSI Advisor

Andy Hoffman 
Andy Hoffman
Student Organizations Advisor and Community Service Program Manager
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