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In recent years, the Maasai villagers living in the Longido district have faced a growing number of challenges as a result of global warming, cultural practices, and a lack of education. The goal of this organization is to promote the health and overall wellness of these villagers, living at the base of Mt. Kilimanjaro, primarily through education and donations. The organization will aim to tackle HIV/AIDS (Prevention through Education) and FIRST AID (Promotion through Education), as well as providing SHORT TERM SOLUTIONS in the form of donations of items that have either been requested or donated to us by external members. Through this organization, members will get the opportunity to develop and implement a 2 week curriculum in the Longido district in Tanzania. During the course of the academic year, and building up to the 2 week program in summer, members will work closely with other student organizations, charities, and professionals to grow their understanding of First Aid and HIV/AIDS; as well as organize fundraisers and familiarize themselves with the Maasai culture so as to destigmatize common misconceptions about Africa and approach the organization’s goals with a sensitive mindset.


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Andy Hoffman 
Andy Hoffman
Student Organizations Advisor and Community Service Program Manager
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