Current UCSD Student Organizations (2023 - 2024)

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Current Student Organizations (2023 - 2024)
A Lutheran Ministry Social (ALMS)
Acts 2 Fellowship
Ahlul-Bayt Student Association
All Peoples Church at UC San Diego
Asian American Christian Fellowship
Campus Outreach at UC San Diego
Catholic Community - Newman Center Parish
Catholics for Social Justice
Christian Life Community at UC San Diego
Christian Pharmacists Fellowship International
Christians at UC San Diego
Evangelical Chinese Christian Fellowship
Fresh Wind Chinese Church Fellowship
Global Medical Missions Alliance
Glory Church Campus Fellowship
Graduate Christian Fellowship
Hanbit Church
Hope Presbyterian Church
Inter Varsity Christian Fellowship
International Graduate Student Ministry (IGSM) at UC San Diego
Jewish Graduate Students
Kairos Christian Fellowship
Kristos Campus Missions
Lighthouse College Life
Living Water Student Fellowship (LWSF)
PKC Overflow
Redeemer’s Grace Church on Campus at UC San Diego
Seashore Campus Fellowship
The Thomistic Institute at UC San Diego

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Student organization registration opens up on Aug. 14, 2023.
As organizations meet their requirements and are approved they will show up here.
You can view last year's (2022 - 2023) organizations here.