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1. The purposes of this organization is to: a. Assist new incoming UC San Diego students from Myanmar(Burma) in the transition to a new environment, b. Foster a sense of community between students from Myanmar, c. Foster and encourage interaction between members, and d. Raise awareness of Myanmar and its culture among the general student population. e. Help connect Burmese students with the international and domestic student community at UC San Diego f. Create a fun atmosphere within the club g. Help non Burmese members of the club learn more about the Myanmar culture and its traditions h. All activities of this organization must be directed towards these purposes.


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BURSA(Burmese Students Association) Principal Members
Albert Aungzmaung@ucsd.edu
Su Ayesuaye@ucsd.edu
Sheema Mullersmuller@ucsd.edu
Su Maym2may@ucsd.edu
Sithu Soessoe@ucsd.edu
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Student Information Not Displayed!
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CSI Advisor

Elena Contreras Chavez 
Elena Contreras Chavez

To get involved and learn more about this student organization please contact the Principal Members above by email directly.

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