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Alongside other cultural organizations on campus, the Sudanese Student Association is here to create a sense of community within the Sudanese population on the UCSD campus. Sudan is a unique country with a sophisticated history, and we would like to represent and share our culture with our community and the rest of the UCSD population. In the past couple of years, Sudan has suffered monumentally in the fight for basic human rights liberties such as freedom of speech. And the Sudanese community works every day to uplift the community in these hard times, therefore, the Sudanese Student Association aims to provide an atmosphere where we promote the importance of speech and unity while prioritizing the beauty of Sudan. Our purpose is to shape future generations of underrepresented Sudanese students on campus so that they can maintain an organization they call home. The Sudanese Student Association, the home away from home.


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Elena Contreras Chavez 
Elena Contreras Chavez

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