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The Chapter is committed to preparing members for success in the global business world, celebrating diversity, and contributing back to the community. The objectives and goals of the Chapter shall be to: 1. Support and develop programs that provide for the advancement of Asian heritage scientists and engineers. This goal shall be implemented by: -Career Workshops -Seminars and Symposia that focus on bettering the employability of members by bolstering the soft skills of members, working on their resumes, and teaching interview skills. 2. Develop and support programs that aid Asian heritage scientists and engineers who are actively seeking careers. -Interactions with potential employers -Tutoring/Curriculum assistance -Mentoring programs 3. Provide a forum for professional development and for the connection with entrepreneurial opportunities. 4. Inform the public of contributions and advancement made by Asian heritage scientists and engineers in newsletters and awards ceremonies.


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Mariaisabel Blancarte 
Mariaisabel Blancarte
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