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Alter Ego is intended to be a space where dancers can connect with each other and form bonds that will continue past our dance career. We intend to strengthen our individuality and encourage our own growth through experimentation. Regardless of anything, we strive to stay humble, stay hungry, and dance. Originating out of the UCSD Dance Community, Alter Ego is a team that prioritizes family above all. We value the expression and art of Dance in its truest form: encouraging vulnerability and openness, as well as supporting each other and the community we come from. Our hope is to retain the pure mentality of dance while working toward self growth in a fun manner. Dance has truly changed all our lives, for it allows us to express our emotions and embody any character we desire to be. Together, we assume an Alter Ego that knows no bounds.


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Alter Ego Principal Members
KEVIN SUN k2sun@ucsd.edu
Austin Batugal abatugal@ucsd.edu
NIKI TAM nitam@ucsd.edu
SOPHIA YU soy032@ucsd.edu
CRYSTAL LI crl030@ucsd.edu
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CSI Advisor

Kristen  Berg 
Kristen Berg
Student Org Advisor & Vendor Fair Promotions
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