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Student Network for Analog Photography (SNAP) at UCSD, The

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Analog photography is re-establishing its prominence in pop culture. There’s nothing quite like getting back a roll of film and reminiscing over the incredibly raw moments that you just captured. In light of the #filmisnotdead movement, we’ve decided that it’s time for UC San Diego to have a place where analog photographers of all levels can gather and share their moments. We plan to reintroduce informative classes and workshops regarding analog film composition, development and use. We strive to bring together students of all majors and backgrounds through the universal art medium of analog photography in order to encourage self-expression and accomplishment in a healthy and meaningful way. Join & create with us.


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Student Network for Analog Photography (SNAP) at UCSD, The Principal Members
KIMIKO OKUMURA kokumura@ucsd.edu
Nicholas Trejo njtrejo@ucsd.edu
Hannah Goodrich hgoodrich@ucsd.edu
Christopher Kern cjkern@ucsd.edu
MARLON GAMEZ m2gamez@ucsd.edu
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Jenny Kressel 
Jenny Kressel
Student Org Advisor
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