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Quantum Computing at UCSD

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Quantum Computing(QC) is a rapidly growing field that is still in its relative infancy. Until only a few years ago, QC research was mostly confined to university and government labs. However, companies like IBM and Google have brought this technology to the private sector. Furthermore, the National Quantum Initiative Act, signed in 2018, will invest over $1 billion into national labs, scholarships, and government partnerships, all with the goal of advancing quantum information science. However, if quantum computing is to be the field of the future, young engineers and scientists must acquire the expertise required to do meaningful work. Quantum Computing at UCSD(QCSD) is an organization aimed at tackling this very task. It is intended as a learning environment where students that are curious about quantum computing can meet to discuss ideas, find resources, and be connected to peers and faculty they can learn from. One example of this is a set of workshops designed to help the very curious beginner to learn the basics of quantum computing as well as Qiskit, the predominant programming language for QC. Eventually, QCSD plans on sending UCSD teams to various quantum events such as hackathons.


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Quantum Computing at UCSD Principal Members
ISHAAN KAVOORI ikavoori@ucsd.edu
BENJAMIN SACHS bsachs@ucsd.edu
ANDREW PETERSON acpeterson@ucsd.edu
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Jenny Kressel 
Jenny Kressel
Student Organizations Advisor and Program Manager
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