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The FUSION Hip-Hop Dance Events Association is a student organization involved in the cultural, social, community, and academic projects that benefit its members, its campus, and its community. The goal of FHHDEA is to educate and celebrate the unique Asian American cultural identity and its major presence in the emerging hip-hop dance communities along the west coast at UCSD. FHHDEA aims to recognize excellence in the UCSD hip-hop dance community, west cost dance communities, support dancers, and provide performance opportunities for dance to be shared among dancers and audiences all over the nation and beyond.


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FUSION Hip-Hop Dance Events Association Principal Members
Annie Hsuanh154@ucsd.edu
Betsy Liangbel057@ucsd.edu
Nitika Jainnij006@ucsd.edu
SOPHIA HAMPTONsmhampton@ucsd.edu
Alisa Phunga3phung@ucsd.edu
JENNY LUONGj2luong@ucsd.edu
JILLIAN PHANj2phan@ucsd.edu
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Ann Hawthorne 
Ann Hawthorne

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