Undies for Oldies: Geriatrics Education and Medicine

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The purpose of this club is to raise money and buy underwear for elderly patients at Geriatric units in hospital throughout San Diego. By doing so we are helping to restore dignity and decency to these people while at the same time educating the student body about issues of geriatrics, senior care, and palliative care.


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Undies for Oldies: Geriatrics Education and Medicine Principal Members
JULIA SILVAjms049@ucsd.edu
JEE CHOIjhc125@ucsd.edu
Caitlin Trancjt025@ucsd.edu
Dan Trandat040@ucsd.edu
VANIA LIUval026@ucsd.edu
SHILPA NATHsrnath@ucsd.edu
ESTHEL NAMesnam@ucsd.edu
Catherine Chengczcheng@ucsd.edu
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Ann Hawthorne 
Ann Hawthorne

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