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The primary purpose of the Wushu Club is to provide any individual with the opportunity to be introduced to and learn wushu in a friendly and safe environment. The secondary purpose of the club is to prepare members for intercollegiate competitions such as the Annual Collegiate Wushu Tournament. The Wushu Club at UCSD is a non-profit student organization.


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Wushu club @ UCSD Principal Members
YONG-YI HUyoh033@ucsd.edu
Kaitlyn Trinhk9trinh@ucsd.edu
LUHAO WANGluw055@ucsd.edu
BRIAN CHENGbrc042@ucsd.edu
Sidney Huenshuen@ucsd.edu
KELLY TRANk9tran@ucsd.edu
MAY HOmho@ucsd.edu
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Hector Fletes 
Hector Fletes

To get involved and learn more about this student organization please contact the Principal Members above by email directly.

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