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Youth Empowerment in Science (Y.E.S) is dedicated to spreading a passion for science to young students. We believe that it is critical to instill a love for learning and discovery in young students as it can provide them with many opportunities later in life as well. Too often is science portrayed as too hard or too nerdy or too boring and by the time students reach middle school they may have already decided to rule it out as a potential field of study. Y.E.S. aims to foster this curiosity about science in students by bringing interactive workshops to their classrooms. Specifically, we also want to try to connect topics that kids are personally curious about to our experiments to show a relevant and more personalized side to them.


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Insta: yesatucsd
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Jasmine Hwangjahwang@ucsd.edu
Tony Trantot002@ucsd.edu
Talisa Pereztdperez@ucsd.edu
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Kaylee Howard 
Kaylee Howard
Student Organizations Advisor & Program Manager
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