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Our purpose is to bring together everyone interested in Turkish culture. We aim to unify people from all Turkish cultures under one roof where everyone can feel safe to socialize. We encourage learning more about the rich culture and history of Turkiye. We hope to create a safe space for Turkish students where they can get to know each other better and create a sense of community within UC San Diego.


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Turkish Undergrad Organization Principal Members
Can Tavukcuogluctavukcuoglu@ucsd.edu
Nikol Dagdevirenelndagdevirenel@ucsd.edu
Efe Erturkeerturk@ucsd.edu
Sude Kopruskopru@ucsd.edu
Mert Ozermozer@ucsd.edu
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Kelley Kozlowski 
Kelley Kozlowski
Special Projects & Student Org Coordinator
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