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Get a Cane at UCSD is a student organization and the first university chapter of the 501(c)3 non-profit organization Get a Cane established in San Diego County, California. The organization’s objective is to collect and redistribute low-cost mobility aids to economically disadvantaged persons in the community. The program will form partnerships with medical device supply companies, local nursing homes, rehab centers, and hospitals to collect ambulatory assistive devices. The objectives of this organization are the following: Facilitate access to ambulatory aids for economically demobilized individuals: Mobility is essential to performing activities of daily living and thrival. Physical disability is a primary challenge for many individuals who do not have access to ambulatory assistive devices. Such disabilities often prevent individuals from performing tasks the rest of us take for granted. In solidarity with these members of our community, Get a Cane aims to provide ambulatory assistive devices at low cost to those potential beneficiaries. Supporting the Disabled: In solidarity with the disabled, who are often stigmatized in society, we will seek not only to provide physical assistance in the form of walking aids but social support by raising awareness in the community for issues that disabled people face. We seek to bring these issues to light through outreach events, fundraisers, and networking functions that will serve to further our efforts and gather needed support. Inspire spirit of conservation: Get a Cane seeks to curb environmental impact by reducing unnecessary disposal of ambulatory assistive devices which can be repurposed for individuals in need.


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Andy Hoffman 
Andy Hoffman
Student Organizations Advisor and Community Service Program Manager
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