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Fair Play’s purpose is to provide more performance opportunities for the students of UCSD. We strive to produce a collaborative, educational and immersive project each year in fun, fair, and professional creative environment. Additionally, we are eager to form outreach opportunities with the UCSD campus and secondary schools students interested in literature and theatre. Members of Fair Play will be exposed to the operations of a theatre company at multiple levels. Opportunities for involvement are open at the conceptual level (directors, playwrights, etc.), the production level (stage management and tech), and at the performance level (acting, dancing, singing). By operating under this structure, the goal is to give members experience that will transcend the undergraduate level and knowledge that can be used for a career in theatre after graduation. Fair Play is open, however, to all majors, undergraduate or graduate, as a fun and fast-paced performance environment.


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Facebook : Fair Play UCSD, Instagram : fairplay.ucsd
Fair Play Theatre Company Principal Members
HIRSH MAKHIJAhimakhija@ucsd.edu
Zeeshan Mohamedyzemohamedy@ucsd.edu
Zhe Jiangzhj075@ucsd.edu
EMMA LOVSINelovsin@ucsd.edu
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Kristen  Berg 
Kristen Berg
Student Organizations Advisor and Program Manager
To get involved and learn more about this student organization please contact the Principal Members above by email directly.

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