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Sketch Comedy at UCSD aims to create a hub for content creators and film makers who are primarily interested in comedy. The main focus of this organization will be to produce videos that are roughly 3 minutes in length. Our hope is to reach a point where production quality reaches the likes of many famous YouTubers and Comedians such as Jimmy Tatro, Stevie Emerson, Pete Holmes, Key and Peele, etc. There is a wide variety of roles that can be filled within this organization, many of which will be open to much more lenient participation than being a content creator/producer. Roles with lenient participation would be along the lines of an actor showing up for two days of filming, rather than being involved throughout the entire process from writing to editing. It would be a great service to the club to get student involvement from those who are generally interested in film, writing, VFX, and other relevant areas of expertise that could be useful. It is our hope that members of this organization will be able to create content that they can share with friends and family, as well as employers if they wish to showcase their skills in video production and editing, writing, acting, or the general art of humor.


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Kristen  Berg 
Kristen Berg
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